MP-CLICK-UPGRADE -- Upgrade your kit to the CLICK!
Another Mustang Project first. Electronic LED lighting systems don't have a flasher that "clicks". This will give you that old time feeling of driving a classic with the luxury of LEDs. Get the click! ONLY available with new kit purchase.

Only available if you are also purchasing sequential tail light kit. See MP-FLA-CLICK ($29.95) if you have a previously purchased one of our sequential tail light kits. Our most popular compatible kits are listed below. Another Mustang Project first! Electronic LED lighting systems don't have a flasher that "clicks". This is an upgrade, purchase ONLY in addition to an LED tail light kit. That is the familiar click-click sound of a turn signal in progress is missing from modern silent electronics.. This upgrade automatically gets you the new deluxe clicking electronic sequential flasher. Not an extra part but rather an upgrade to any 1964.5-1973 LED sequential lighting kit we sell! Ever leave your turn signals on while driving? This nice clicking sound will help prevent that and give you the old time feeling of driving a classic car and the luxury of LED lighting. This is an upgrade only and can only be purchased with an LED kit. Complete clicking flashers (MP-FLA-CLICK) are sold separately if you already have an LED tail light kit installed or just want a better more reliable flasher that clicks!

Item no longer available
Brand:Mustang Project
Size:1964 to 1973 Mustang

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